Phoscollagen® nutrition for your bones

Phoscollagen® is a unique ingredient, a complex of hydrolyzed collagen, calcium and phosphorus of natural origin, specially intended for bone and aimed to the food industry.
Product for industrial sale

PHOSCOLLAGEN® is a complex between two major bone components (collagen and bone calcium phosphate salt, named hydroxyapatite) in the form of highly assimilable nutrients: micronized and tasteless hydroxyapatite stabilized on hydrolyzed collagen.

This studied form and composition is optimal for providing specific amino acids, bioactive collagen peptides, calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) with high bioavailability. Ca and P are in physiological ratio (the same proportion as in bone), which allows a correct calcium/phosphorus balance, necessary to avoid decalcification. Therefore, it acts as an effective food aid for bone care.

The source of collagen in PHOSCOLLAGEN® is Colpropur D®, a highly assimilable hydrolyzed collagen from animal bone tissue, that provides the necessary structural collagen amino acids and bioactive peptides that stimulate osteoblasts (bone forming cells), which increase the synthesis of collagen matrix, allowing its subsequent mineralization with the other components of the product: calcium and phosphorus (hydroxyapatite).

The source of calcium and phosphorus in PHOSCOLLAGEN® is hydroxyapatite from animal bone tissue (not a mineral or synthetic source), which guarantees, not only a natural nutritive supply of these two components, but also that Ca and P are in the same proportion as existing in our bones (physiological ratio), preserving calcium / phosphorus balance.

What’s more, the innovative way in which these components are combined and presented is key to guarantee an optimal dispersion of PHOSCOLLAGEN® so that its daily intake is pleasant (without sediment or lump formation) and very compatible with liquid beverages, unlike products simply obtained mixing hydrolyzed collagen with other Ca and P salts.


PHOSCOLLAGEN® stimulates bone formation, preventing decalcification and slowing down the progression of osteoporosis and its consequences (fragility and bone fractures).

Its daily dose provides 600 mg of calcium (75% of the NRV) and 280 mg of phosphorus (40% of the NRV) plus 10 g of Hydrolysed Collagen (in Phoscollagen®), that’s the most efficient combination.

  • 10 g Hydrolysed Collagen
  • 600 mg Ca
  • 280 mg P
  • 11,75 g/day for maximum effectiveness


  • Improves consistency of the bone collagen matrix.
  • Favors mineralization, preventing decalcification.
  • Provides optimal source and quantity of Calcium and Phosphorus.
  • Bioactive collagen peptides stimulate bone formation.
  • The innovative way its components are combined and presented is key to guarantee an optimal dispersion.
  • Pleasant intake (without sedimentation or lump).
  • Very compatible with liquid beverages.
  • Its components are natural and high bioavailable nutrients from bone tissue.



In addition to the activity or benefits on the bone, its specific collagen amino acids and peptides make Phoscollagen® also effective for care of:

  • Joints
  • Skin
  • Connective and interstitial tissues (tendons, ligaments and organ fascia)
  • Muscles
  • Teeth and gums
  • Immune system

The daily intake of the recommended doses of PHOSCOLLAGEN® is a safe, easy and natural way, a health habit, to help to reinforce our bones and to reduce or delay the risk of osteoporosis.

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