Phoscollagen® nutrition for your bones

Phoscollagen® is a unique ingredient, a complex of hydrolyzed collagen, calcium and phosphorus of natural origin, specially intended for bone and aimed to the food industry.
Product for industrial sale

The bone is made up of 70% inorganic components (45% calcium and phosphorous salts, and 25% water) and 30% of organic matrix, where the collagen fibers reach 90%.

Bone structure

The structure of the bone is basically formed by a three dimentional collagen net, calcified by calcium phosphate salts (hydroxyapatite).

Graphical representation of a bone collagen fiber:

The collagen fibers form a resistant and flexible net (collagen matrix) that supports calcium and phosphorous salts, allowing them to mineralize the bone (calcification) and give it its characteristic hardness.

To bind to the collagen matrix, calcium and phosphorus crystallize in a special form called hydroxyapatite, a salt that represents a deposit of 99% of body calcium and 80% of body phosphorus.

Decline on bone synthesis

At advanced ages and in menopausal women, the bone collagen fibers deteriorate, and then hydroxyapatite loses the support to which it is fixed, being released (decalcification). Therefore, bone density decreases, favoring fragility and risk of fractures (OSTEOPOROSIS).

Since deterioration of bone collagen matrix and its lack of consistency to act as hydroxyapatite support causes decalcification, supplementing diet only with high doses of calcium and vitamin D is not enough, and also could lead to accumulating calcium at inconvenient places (arteries, kidneys, heart valves…)

Supplementation in bone care should nourish and strengthen also the 2 bone main components (collagen and hydroxyapatite), using the adequate and high assimilable nutrients, at the right proportion.

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